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Set up by Zviad Pochkhua, Editor of The FINANCIAL, Michael Cowgill, President at Georgian American Security and AmCham Georgia and Eugene Jokhidze, Metronome Editor, ACC will raise funds from individuals and foundations and direct them towards projects that raise public awareness about American values, culture, traditions as well as ongoing U.S assistance to Georgia in fields of security, military, democracy and economic development.

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America’s position as the world’s dominant superpower has also led to global American cultural influence. A constant stream of American TV shows, films, songs, computer games, and websites have spread American words and expressions. 
In Soviet Georgia, American culture was taboo for the general public. 
The cultural influence was especially strong from Neighboring Russia. 
Today Georgian public is keen to explore American culture.
The ACC is committed to promote American culture among Georgian youth. 

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Together we the people achieve more than any single person could ever do alone.

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